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Parking Plzen, s. r. o. was founded in 2009 by the resolution of local authority - the City of Pilsen. This company has also a single establisher and owner, the City of Pilsen. Parking Plzen, s. r. o. provides the complex services on the field of…

Off-street parking Rychtářka online

The Carpark of Rychtářka, GPS: 49°44'59.849"N, 13°22'52.255"E (map)
Opening times: nonstop
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7:00-19:00 10 CZK/hr (60 CZK/12 hrs) | 19:00-7:00 5 CZK/hr (40 CZK/12 hrs)

News (CZ)

Pricelist Update for parking-meters and parking cards from October the 1st

1.10.2014Let us to inform about the update of the Price list of parking-meters and parking cards on streets of Pilsen. It is valid from October the 1st.In the parking… More

Short-time Parking Discount. Only 5 CZK per Starting Three Hours in the Off-street Parking of "Rychtářka"

29.9.2014A short-time parking discount in the Off-street Carpark of Rychtářka has been prolonged till the end of this year.Starting three hours as the… More

Pricelist Update in the Off-street Parking of New Theatre

25.9.2014From September the 25th the pricelist update is in the Off-street Parking of New Theatre. You can download this from the Forms & Documents Category… More

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