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Parking Plzen, s. r. o. was founded in 2009 by the resolution of local authority - the City of Pilsen. This company has also a single establisher and owner, the City of Pilsen. Parking Plzen, s. r. o. provides the complex services on the field of…

Off-street parking Rychtářka online

The Carpark of Rychtářka, GPS: 49°44'59.849"N, 13°22'52.255"E (map)
Opening times: nonstop
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7:00-19:00 10 CZK/hr (60 CZK/12 hrs) | 19:00-7:00 5 CZK/hr (40 CZK/12 hrs)

News (CZ)

Summer Parking Discount. Only 5 CZK per Starting Three Hours in the Off-street Parking of "Rychtářka"

30.6.2014From July the 1st to September the 30th the Off-street Carpark of "Rychtářka" provides a summer parking discount.Starting three hours as the first… More

Parking Plzeň, s. r. o. changed the seat of company

2.4.2014Parking Plzeň, s. r. o. changed the seat of company. You find this seat at the new adress: Parking Plzeň, s. r. o. Podmostní 4 301 00 … More

Notice for Lease Aplicants for Commercial Premises in the Off-street Parking of Rychtářka

16.10.2013Nowadays, we register some questions or requests for a commercial premises lease in the Off-street Parking of Rychtářka. This lease is provided… More

Today is 2.9.2014

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